2015’s Last Quarter-How to Be on Target

by Monika Blichar


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If you are like me, you stay true to your business targets each month, if not each quarter. Staying on track for your business quarter is a lot like keeping up on any other goal in life. What you want to do be able to do is set measurable goals and check them off of your to do list as you move forward. As we are coming into our last quarter of 2015, I wanted to be sure that you are mindful that you have just under four months now to hit your targets. Here are my top three tips for staying on target in the last quarter of 2015!


1-Review Your Business Plan 

When you started 2015, you likely created a business plan at the beginning of the year. I like to map out my entire year ahead and create goals for myself weekly, monthly and quarterly. Business planning can be fun while creating awesome action steps for your company! If you are struggling with creating a business plan, check out our friends at Right Brain Business Plan for courses that you might like to take to get you started. Right Brain Business Plan



2-Create Measurable Goals and Targets 

Many of us create goals throughout the year and we try to review them often. Once of the great things that is awesome about creating goals and reviewing them is being able to measure your progress and results. Did you have a goal in July that was put off because you got too busy? Maybe you had a goal just last week that you forgot about or you didn’t quite hit. By creating measurable goals and targets and writing them in your business planning for the year is that you are able to measure how you did and what you can do better to succeed. I recommend reviewing your goals each week to be sure you are on track weekly, monthly and quarterly.


3-Expect Success 

If you are not expecting success, you will quickly find that you will become less and less motivated, enthusiastic and diligent in meeting your targets. Not only does this lack of positivity and motivation afftect your personal self-esteem, it also seeps into your business dealings. Your customers, clients and affiliates will sense your lack of passion and this is dangerous because sales will quickly dwindle! If you are looking for ways to stay motivated and believe in success, try joining a group such as Diamond Dolls Networking Group. By joining a group as a member, you will force yourself to be part of a community of like minded entrepreneurs who expect success!


Be sure to comment and write to us if you are having trouble meeting your targets or if you have tips to share with our community! We love to share helpful tips for other women in business!

To Our Success!



Monika Blichar possesses a B.A. from the University of Victoria with a major in English and minor in French. She has also successfully completed the post degree teaching program and is a member of the BC College of Teachers. She is fluent in English, French, Polish and basic Spanish. Her love for culture, languages and artistic pursuits continues to grow as she develops her varied brands nationally and internationally. Monika started the Diamond Dolls Network in 2011 and has worked with thousands of women in business both in the start up phase and professional entrepreneurs in Canada, Europe and Australia. Please visit Monika’s Personal Website for more information. 


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