Increasing Sales with Social Media Marketing

by Monika Blichar

group of businessmen with increase arrow sign
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The number one thing that I hear from women in business when I am taking in new members, networking or consulting is “I NEED MORE SALES!” After working with women in business from all sorts of varied backgrounds, I can by far say that this is the greatest need I hear most often. What I don’t hear is HOW to increase sales without spending a fortune!

Most of you know that I LOVE social media and what it does for me as a business owner. So, here are some tips to increasing sales with social media marketing!


When I started in business in 2010 officially, I promoted myself as my brand. Afterall, it was ME who did everything so it was only natural that I use my name for my website. After only a couple of years, I found that the projects that I started, just like Diamond Dolls Network, turned into their own business identities. Art World Expo, MAB Art Studio & Boutique Gallery, and Social Savvy Gals are some examples!

I noticed a dilemma, how do I move from ‘my face’ being everything for my customers and affiliates to my brands becoming more recognizable? What I did was leverage my social media networks. Past clients and affiliates who knew me already trusted me and my work. Sharing my new and branded pages on my personal Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account and cross-pollinating these brands allowed me to slowly introduce to my audience my official businessess. As I worked really hard to gain trust, offer honesty and give good service, my existing clientele and followers were encouraging in following my brands and sharing them with their contacts.

If you have a business, don’t be afraid to share it on your personal or group networks!  Don’t go overborad, but remember that 9 out of 10 times, you are connected to people who want to support you and your passions. Otherwise, why have them on your friends list anyway?


One of the other things I did to increase awareness for my brands and ultimately increase sales was to ask for followers. Some of the strategies that I used were contests, give aways, opt in mailing lists, and cross promotions with other business owners. What ASKING allowed me to do was to grow my reach and visibility. It also allowed me to interact with more people on social media and in turn, that has resulted in more sales. If you are not asking for followers in various ways, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to offer your product or service to people who are looking for it!


Many people have business pages or social media accounts that only feature their product or service. As a customer, I want to know that when I can buy from a retailer or service provider, that they will also give me the most up to date information and resources about that industry. As a customer, this is an incentive to go with one company or service provider versus another. For example, if I am buying a BOOTCAMP from TEAM FITNESS for 10 weeks, I also want to know that I can go to their Facebook or Instagram page and get current information about fitness. I want to see that the provider that I am going with for fitness is also sending out important, relevant and interesting information about fitness, nutrition, trends, and more! Be sure that you are sending out useful information that is targeted to your industry too!

If you are struggling with how to use Social Media with your business, be sure to check out Social Savvy Gals! Upcoming workshops include Twitter and Instagram at 100 Braid Street Studios! If you use PROMO CODE “DiamondDolls” you can get 20% off the upcoming workshops in New West Minister! Click HERE to learn more about the upcoming workshops. 

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