Why You Need to Create Newsletters

Why You Must Create Newsletters for Your Business! 
by Monika Blichar
If you haven’t yet started creating newsletters for your business, I must tell you that you are missing out! Not only are newsletters a way for your business to communicate and stay in touch with your clients, but they are also a means for you to promote, share and sell your services and products. If you haven’t started, here are my top tips for why you should-today!
Newsletters Allow for Community Engagement
One of the best ways to communicate with your network is to send them updates on what is happening in your business community. Do you have an upcoming event or a great story to share about a customer or client? A newsletter is one of the best ways to engage with your clients as if they are truly interested in your business, they will diligently open your email updates. Your clients will value ongoing communication and you will increase the community engagement around your business even if you are only sending a newsletter once a month.

Newsletters Help You Feature Your Services 
Do you have a service or product special this month? A newsletter is a great way to connect to your subscribers and let them know about your offers. I like to be sure that my newsletter subscribers receive promotions, specials and are the first to know about news regarding my business. I also take advantage of user friendly BUY NOW buttons that are built into Constant Contact, our mailing list provider.
Newsletters Increase Revenue 
Your clients want to buy from you, that is why they are signed up for your list! Be sure to offer them deals, promotions, specials and VIP information on how they can purchase your services or products and share your business. Think of your newsletter as another way to help increase your business sales. How can you help your client today?
If you aren’t conviced yet that newsletters are a must for your business, I invite you to check out Constant Contact today! I have been using this platform since about 2009 and haven’t looked back!
Monika Blichar
Diamond Dolls Network Founder
Serial Entrepreneur
604 999 6177

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