Cloud Accounting for Business Owners

by Monika Blichar
As a business owner, you want to make sure that your accounting is in order. There is nothing worse than being bombarded by invoices and expenses all while trying to manage and promote your business. At Diamond Dolls Network, we are pleased to be working with Freshbooks to support our business operations. Here are our top three reasons why we love Freshbooks and why you should try it too!

Invoices-Sending and Taking Payments Online

Freshbooks is an amazing tool for cutting down your invoicing system time consdierably. One of the awesome features is that it allows you to send your invoices to your client’s email. Your client is then stored in your system where you can save everything from their address, phone number, mobile and even make notes about their affiliation with your company. A bonus is when your client receives your invoice, they have the option of paying online!

Receipts-Storing Your Expenses 

Freshbooks is an awesome tool and in addition to sending invoices, you can also add your expenses too! Each month, you also get a graph on your home page that shows you the ins and outs literally of your operations. So cool!

Reports-Monthly Accounting 

There is nothing worse than not knowing what your business is netting each month or quarter. Freshbooks has a super reporting system that allows you to have a detailed report of all your sales, expsenses and even hours logged on projects. We have found this especially useful for monthly sales goals as well as quarterly targets. The bonus is that it takes only seconds to get your reports assuming you have input everything diligently every month. Amazing!

For more information, have a look for yourself! We totally love this company and would highly recommend that you try it out too!

Happy Accounting!


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