Meet Janet Clarke from Janet Clarke Color By Amber Premiere Stylist

Our jewelry starts with ECO RESIN. Then we add an interlayer and then MORE ecoresin. Things are all hand made into the pieces with a little help from a laser cutting machine! So our interlayers… remember that word INTERLAYER… come from either upcycled materials. Think of it like another company’s unwanted waste becomes our wanted materials for fabulous designs!

The best part is that we support several communities throughout the world with our Full Circle Program. That means we essentially hire and pay women; wages, sometimes health benefits depending on the region in the form of initiatives for their communities such as water and power and well whatever benefits them the most. These women who would usually have no chance to make a career out of what they do get to support their families and their communities and often times it means extended families get to stay together. Often the things we use to make our interlayer is actually the parts of their artisian work they would just discard; the edges, the fray. Some of the materials are even bits of what we have set up for harvesting in land-pick it, make it, weave it, you name it!

I am very proud! 10% of ALL your purchases go to this wonderful cause… any interlayer.”

See you at the next meeting Janet and welcome to our membership!


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