What Do You Do With An Idea?

When you have an idea, what do you do?
Every day, thousands of thoughts float around in our minds. Have you thought about what to do when you have a good idea? Many of us forget that a crucial part of success is recording our ideas! Even if we do not go back to them until years later, formally recording our ideas can help us achieve success.
Here are my top tips for recording ideas!
by Monika Blichar

1-Keep a Journal with you at ALL TIMES! 
If you a woman in business, you are already carrying around a huge bag! Place a journal, even if it is a small one, where you can take notes, write down ideas, reflect when you have time. Being sure that you have somewhere to express your ideas and take them from thought to reality in a journal is one of the steps in making your ideas reality.
2-Get a Recorder-Your IPHONE has one! Use it! 
Sometimes we are too busy to take out our journal, but most of us are GLUED to our phones 24/7! Take advantage of the built in features on your phone and start recording your ideas by using the easy to navigate voice recorders or voice memo apps. When you have time, you can revisit your ideas quickly!
3-Get an IDEA BUDDY-Grab a Doll! 
If you are a social butterfly or a handsome hermit, remember that two brains are always better than one! If you have a friend, partner or business associate that you trust, be sure to bounce your ideas off of them! Sometimes this will help you form a mastermind group or even a new business which can lead you to new projects from your ideas!
4-Relax-What are you rushing for anyway? 
I know what you are thinking right now, ‘but I don’t have time to relax!’ 
Taking time to relax, sleep, exercise and meditate are all important to overall mental health and wellness. If you are a business person, fitting in time for all these things can seem difficult, but like any other appointment or meeting, you must make an effort to put these in your calendar every day. Allowing your mind time to reflect, rejuvenate also allows room for your subconscious to figure out how to turn your ideas into reality. So go ahead, indulge in relaxing and taking care of yourself!
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Monika Blichar
Founder, Diamond Dolls Women’s Networking Group

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