Entrepreneurs and Friday

by Monika Blichar


As an entrepreneur, we usually do not follow a calendar nor a regular schedule. Most of us do our best work in the wee hours of the night; posting and writing or coming up with new ideas. I have been guilty of sleeping in late and even doing planning in the middle of the night. My artsy side often comes out at midnight and I often find myself sewing, painting, drawing or most recently, making body scrubs at 1:00am.

If you are like me, you’ll probably have noticed that when Friday rolls around, you might not even flinch. Maybe because you went out to an event on Tuesday or are attending a conference on the weekend where you will be marketing your business. Most entrepreneurs don’t even notice the weeks flying by as they are building their empire and often overlook the benefits of relishing in the aura of The Friday along with everyone else. And though entrepreneurs might not think it is important to follow the norm of the celebratory 9-5 week accomplishment, there are great benefits in weekly rewards such as The Friday.

Here are some tips for Entrepreneurs and Fridays!


1) Give yourself permission to take Fridays off!

Most entrepreneurs work steadily but at random hours throughout the week. Sticking to a day off each week, Friday is a fun one, can be a great way to give yourself something to look forward to as well as a scheduled break. Sometimes we become so busy and inundated in our business, that we forget to take time for ourselves and what we need to maintain a healthy balance of live and work. Take the day to do some hiking, walk your (or a neighbor’s) dog, go to the beach, a park, movie or even a dinner date with your spouse.


2) Reward your week’s accomplishments by celebrating!

Most people work a 9-5 and by Friday at 3:00pm, most people are making plans for a great night or an exciting weekend. Usually around this time each week, Facebook feeds burst from the seams with excitement for #fridaynight and #theweekend or #TGIF posts. Why not continue to participate in the celebrations of a week well done? Entrepreneurs can easily become isolated as many of them work from home or alone. This can cause lots of problems including anxiety, depression and stress especially when we focus too much on our work load and not enough on our overall well being. Be sure to connect with friends outside your industry and celebrate with others on a Friday! This is a great way to break out of your work but also connect with people who you haven’t connected with in a while!

3) #FF

If you are on Twitter, you’ll have probably noticed the #FF ritual! Follow Friday is a great tradition to implement in your business not only for the strategic marketing alliances it can bring, but also for the support you can create with other entrepreneurs in your network. Do you know someone in your city or industry who you love to follow? Send them and others you admire an #FF and you’ll likely start a sharing spree as well as enable new connections to form. Pretty wonderful!


Being an entrepreneur can be overwhelming, but if you take time to smell the roses and enjoy Fridays every so often, you’ll find that you’ll feel lighter, more inspired and feel more enthusiastic about what you are offering the world!


If you have any suggestions or rituals that you like to do on Fridays as an Entrepreneur, be sure to leave your comments!

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