DIY Holiday Party Favours You’ll Want to Make (They Make Great Gifts Too!)


by Rebecca Aftergood, Surprise Me! Events


It will probably come as no surprise to people that I LOVE Christmas. It is easily my favourite time of year. The people are nice, the decorations are beautiful, the lights are enchanting, the activities are fun, and…presents (or as I like to think of them – mini surprises). Did I forget to mention parties?

Holiday parties are fun on any scale, whether your event is for 10 people in your home or 500 people at a swanky hotel. But when you’ve got multiple work/family/friend parties they can start to blend together. If you want your party to stand out from the crowd (and who doesn’t really?) you have to do something memorable. And I don’t know about you, but I always remember the little things the most… unless you get Mumford & Sons to play at your Christmas party. I would remember that too.

One of the best ways to throw a memorable party is by sending your guests home with an awesome party favour. Gifts right? True the party might not be a total surprise (well it could be) but you can always bring some unexpected touches into any event. While combing Pinterest for DIY Christmas gifts, I came across several that would double as awesome party favours and I decided to share them with you! These thoughtful touches will help show how much effort you put in to your planning. They will keep your party fresh in your guests minds (and separated from the memories of their previous 5 events). (The links are there too!)


Chocolate covered candy canes – Fun way to get a delicious peppermint flavoured hot chocolate. Mmm.
Triple chocolate s’mores bark – the name says it all. Bark with graham crackers and marshmallows… and 3 kinds of chocolate.
Hot cocoa kit – everything you need to make a hot chocolate (including the Baileys)
Custom flavour infused vodka – Make plain vodka taste like anything you want (but still tastes like vodka)
Peppermint sugar body scrub – Great for a ladies soiree!
Chalkboard wine glasses* – Your guests will be able to keep track of their glass by simply drawing their name onto the stem. How cool is that?
*Beware that the paint doesn’t come off so make sure you use cheap glasses.
I hope that these handmade favours will inspire your events (and gift giving) this holiday season! I know I will be making several of them myself. Enjoy!
Do you have any other awesome holiday party favour ideas? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked these “pinteresting” DIY crafts, please like and share this article. And as always, you can connect with me on social media through Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram!

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