Marketing Strategies for Your Business-The Holidays!

Marketing Strategies for Your Business-The Holidays! 
by Monika Blichar
If you are like me, you are always thinking ahead! Have you thought about your marketing strategies during the holidays yet? With Halloween almost over and the Holiday season right around the corner, it’s a grea time for us Dolls to think about marketing strategies! 
As a business owner, one of the most important things we can do is invest time and energy into marketing our services and products. After all, if no one knows you are out there, how can they buy from you?
There are many ways to market your business but effective promotions for different holidays year round will not only help your business stay relevant with your community’s celebrations and country’s national holidays, but will also help you generate more income! 
Here are some of my favorite holiday marketing ideas! 
1-Winter Holidays 
List special products, services, and gift cards on your site or in your newsletter with BUY NOW button options! Remember to take advantage of upselling products on and offiline!
2-Create ONLINE Cross Promotions with Other Businesses. 
Offer a deal from your business to another client base via online cross-marketing in one another’s newsletters and websites.
Buy an “OZ Tote” this month and Receive a NYX Shocking Pink Lipstick!
Interested in this deal?
Style:Small Cosmetic Bag

Store your emergency touch-up basics with the small cosmetics bag from Monika Blichar.

Perfectly sized to fit in a handbag or purse, this cosmetic bag holds everything from lipstick to compacts and nail polish. This one of a kind cosmetic bag is a great addition to your daily life or a wonderful

gift for a friend or two.

Dimensions: 7″ x 4″.

Perfect for touch-up essentials, lipstick, nail polish, and even a few nail files.

Satin fabric exterior, black nylon interior.

Made in Kansas City, Missouri – USA.

Monika and NYX can partner up and figure out how much to charge for the package, what percentage each will take, and then each promote to one another’s networks. Both companies can list in their newsletters, websites, online stores plus promote it to their clients in person at meetings, events or in retail locations! This deal will work for an array of businesses and can be an effective way to sell, but also to gain new exposure and fans in new networks. This is especially effective with businesses who are in similar and complimentary industries.
3-Amazon, EBAY, Etsy or Other Sales Platforms

Check out Social Media Marketing for Dummies on Amazon HERE
If you have any kind of product or service, an essential step in online sales is to check out the platforms where your product can be sold. There are of course, commissions and fees when your product sells online in other e-stores, but it’s another place for you to list and where you can potentially sell. These platforms are especially useful for products like e-books or audio training where the customer can simply download your product. Have a look around, there are tons of great places to sell items easily and quickly to large consumer bases looking for your product!
In the meantime, be sure to check out the DOLL SHOPPE for a selection of items from ladies in our network! If you have an item you would like to sell on our e-store, please get in touch!


To Our Success,


Monika Blichar, B.A., B.C.C.T. & Serial Entrepreneur

Diamond Dolls Network

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