Halloween Festivities with the Dolls!

Last week, our Dolls had a great time networking at Halloween Alley in North Vancouver! Most of our guests this month came in costume, which was a treat while we talked business! While we listened to our guest speaker, we also enjoyed live face painting demonstrations from three talented artists who regularly compete in Art World Expo! A great night with some amazing talent! Here are a few highlights!


What We Learned from Cheryl Bishop-Make Your Mark


The Dolls started as a networking group and in essence that is our main mission; to help foster networking opportunities for women in business in a safe, professional and productive fashion. In recent months, we have also added education, ecommerce and social media marketing and coverage, but essentially, the goal for each avenue is to be good networkers and teach others how to do the same. As a natural networker, I often foget that networking and advertising our products or services is not as easy for others as it has been for me. One of Cheryl’s noteworthy points in her talk which I think many of our members could use in their businesses was “the Follow-Up” after we leave networking events. Here is a short summary of the top 5 things I thought you all might like:

1-Write notes at a networking event. If you are in a rush and feel like you won’t do yourself justice by taking the meetings seriously, don’t go! There is no point in wasting your time or anyone else’s if you are not serious about meeting new clients, affiliates or business owners.

2-Follow up within 24 hours! This was a great point which I believe is so important to remember. We have a small window of time with potential clients and affiliates at networking events and it is important to follow up promptly. Whether we have the opportunity for a potential meeting, making a sale or learning about another business owner, making that call within 24 hours shows the other person that we are dedicated, organized and that we are committed to the growth of our business.

3-Set a system in place to put your contacts into and monitor what you do with them. I use varied systems today, but when I started, I used shoe boxes for business cards! What a relief now that there are so many great systems we can use for free; spreadsheets or sites like Prophet.com or SalesForce.com are some that Cheryl recommended.

4-Do what they ask! IF someone asks YOU to call next week, call! The worst thing you can do as a business owner is fail to do what your clients and potential client asks you do to! This is where the note taking can come in handy!

5-JUST DO IT was my favorite part of Cheryl’s critical plan for networking’s follow-up. We all have that voice inside that tells us we can’t do something or we shouldn’t do something because they won’t really care to hear about what I’m doing anyway! Forget Debbie Doubtful and get out there and JUST DO IT!


Thanks for a great talk Cheryl! If you are interested in learning more with Cheryl, visit http://www.MYMSuccess.com


The other awesome thing we were able to see was live painting demonstrations from three talented artists; Natacha Trottier, Kathleen Fowlstone, and Cory Keys. The three are avid painters in the Lower Mainland’s face and body painting scene and graced us with their live Halloween inspired creations while we networked! It always amazes me how quickly living art can come together but also how different each piece can be even if all the artists are working within one theme. At our event, the trio created a Sugar Skull, Bride of Frankenstein and an anatomy inspired skull. Each different but all unique!



From left to right, Cory Key’s Model Jane, Little Monsters Studio Kathleen Fowlstone’s model Josie, and Natacha Trottier’s model Rene.

All the above artists compete in the annual Art World Expo TM at Telus World of Science. If you haven’t seen live painting in action, be sure you come to the event and see these artists and their creations for the 5th annual event this year! More information for Art World Expo can be found: https://www.facebook.com/ArtWorldExpo

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