Making Something from Nothing

by Tami King, K & C Precious Metals


Have you ever wondered how to make a few dollars without having to go to work. Well little did you know you just might be sitting on a small fortune, well maybe not a fortune, but realistically a few hundred dollars. This new found money could help buy a new appliance, pay for your kids extra curricular activity or maybe even a new piece of jewelry.
Most people have no idea that just a few pieces of broken gold jewelry can add up to so much. One of the best parts of my job is telling people how much their little pile of unworn, broken, outdated gold jewelry is worth today. I have been hugged, applauded and cheered at after appraising unwanted jewelry and offering a cheque.
If you have ever been too afraid to take your gold downtown to what feels like a pawn shop here is your chance to get your pieces appraised in the comfort and secure setting of your own home or a girlfriends party.  Also, there is no obligation to sell and most stones are removed on the spot and returned to you.
So, why not make a little something from nothing! 🙂

About K & C Precious Metals

Appraising, Purchasing and Recycling Precious Metals
Got gold? Do you have pieces sitting in your jewelry box that you haven’t worn in years? Broken chains, odd earrings, unwanted gifts? You could turn these pieces into new found money by contacting us. We are a local business that comes to you with no obligation to sell! Call us today to set up a private consultation or gold party.
General Information:

We offer fair market value for your unwanted jewelry based on the spot price of gold and silver. We test for karat and then weigh each piece right before your eyes.
We specialize in gold parties. Gather your friends, family and colleagues and we will come to you to appraise your unwanted pieces. Host benefits include $100 for entertaining, plus an additional $25 for each guest who sells over $200 worth of gold. There is nothing to lose and lots of fun to be had! Imagine going to a party and walking away with a cheque!
*please note you must have at least 6 people selling gold in order to receive these benefits.

Be sure to check out for more information.

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