The Best Dessert Places in Vancouver

Last week I mentioned that I was gearing up to write a blog about the best dessert restaurants in Vancouver. Well here it is! If you’re like me, going out for dessert is serious business. It had better be worth the calories! Next time you decide to forego those pesky calorie concerns, look no further than this list. You won’t regret it!

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Macarons may seem like just another food fad, but they’re so delightful that I don’t care! There are tons of macaron places in Vancouver but several stand out among the rest. The Hotel Georgia’s Bel Café is one of them. Their macarons are soft and flavourful. They’re also a bit bigger than a lot of others so you get more bang for your buck (and macarons aren’t cheap!). When you check out this cool café, don’t miss out on the carrot cake macaron!

Thomas Haas is another of my absolute favourite places, for any kind of dessert. Their macarons are some of the best in the city. It takes a second for the taste to hit you but when it does it’s intense. They’re all delicious but the cassis is a hands down favourite. The macarons are not the only thing on the menu though. All of TH’s desserts are spectacular. The lemon tart is to die for and the almond croissants are a popular choice.

Soirette is another top choice. The macarons have an amazing texture and there is a wide, ever-changing flavour selection. They’re a bit smaller than the others, which just means you get to try more of them! Try to eat in; the shop is beautiful and airy. A perfect downtown post-lunch dessert option.


Ice Cream/Gelato

For gelato look no further than Bella Gelateria. The owner has won many international awards. The flavours are creative and tasty. Try the banana bread, the award-winning Toasted Pecan topped with maple syrup, and the hazelnut!

If you’re looking for ice cream, check out Rain or Shine. The nightly line-up can be daunting, but it’s worth the wait. All of their ice creams are made from local ingredients and are creamy and flavourful. The Salted Caramel, Coconut Chocolate Chunk, and Waffle Maple Berry shouldn’t be missed. For those beer-lovers out there, try the Brassneck Imperial Stout ice cream.



The donut is experiencing a revival in Vancouver, led by Cartems Donuterie and Lucky’s Donuts. Cartems’ brand new store downtown is a great place to go and have a coffee and donut in style. Their donuts are the perfect amount of sweet, and they have some seriously inventive flavours. I haven’t yet tried the Bee Sting (with pepper and parmesan cheese) because I keep going back for the Earl Grey and Triple Chocolate Threat!

Lucky’s donuts are made 49th Parallel coffee shop. They also have some excellent and unique flavours, including the Lemon Bismarck, a delicious lemon curd-filled donut, and the PB&J (enough said). A great place to stop in for a treat!



There are so many delicious chocolate shops in town that it’s hard to pick just a few! So I’ll tell you about the ones I visit regularly. Chocolate Arts on 2nd Avenue is a standout shop. Their chocolate selection is large and you can hang near the door and sample their bulk chocolate chips. I am sure you will find something you like in their display case. And if drinks are more your style, their hot chocolate is excellent.

Of course Granville Island can’t be kept off this list! ChocolaTas is another amazing chocolate shop, located in the Public Market. Their flavours are inventive and varied (the fruit ones are delicious). Grab a couple for a Granville Island picnic. If you like caramel, their chocolate covered caramels are fantastic!


One more…

I have to give one shout out to Giovane, which is located in the Fairmont Pacific Rim (no category for this one). Their desserts look delicious and if I could ever go there and try anything but the Chocolate Hedgehog cake I’d be able to tell you more. But I can’t…it’s just too good!


As you can see, Vancouver has a ton of amazing desserts! Get out there and try some. Your scale might regret it but your taste buds certainly won’t!

Do you love any other dessert restaurants in Vancouver BC? Post your comment below!

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