Why YOU Need to BE Social!


Whether you are working as a solopreneur or have a retail outlet, one of the best ways to attract new clients and keep your customers in the loop is by using online tools via social media!
Our favorite tools and short descriptions are below! Be sure to check them out and if you like, connect with us on our networks too! We love to connect, retweet, chat and share good content, posts, and information about our members and those involved with the Diamond Dolls!
1-Facebook: Fan Page & Group Pages
Being on Facebook increases your business visibility instantly and gives you multiple options to share content including photos, videos as well as chat with clients or fans! Fan pages are open to anyone, but the benefit of having a group page is that you can close it and make it a members only or secret group. A secret group is perfect if you want to use it as a forum for staff, partners, or even a select group of clients. If you are not plugged into our group or fan page on Facebook, please be sure to join in on the Facebook fun here:
A fabulous way to document, highlight and advertise your business! This is a very visual platform so posting photos is the primary method of communication but you can also upload 15-20 second clips of videos and chat with your fans below your photos! Some of our best connections have recently been made through connecting to others on Instagram! One of our new connections is Evonne in Australia from The Doxia Network, a women’s business organization! How great is that! Connect with the Dolls on Instagram here:
With only 140 characters, you must keep your message short and sweet! Posting sales, specials, links to articles, blogs or photos are all available here and you can even tweet at your fave celeb, brand or business! Some of the large scale brands and celebs even help you gain followers by retweeting and replying! Be sure to retweet, repost and engage with your twitter followers!
We also love to connect and retweet on Twitter:
A great thing to remember is that Social Media is meant to be SOCIAL! You must engage with your fans, comment on others posts or pictures and also share content for these tools to work! Working collaboratively with other businesses on social media will not only help you gain valuable followers who are actually interested in your business, but also help you leverage new networks and create a stronger brand awareness!
If you haven’t tried one of these networks yet, you must try at least one and start getting out there! There is no doubt that just by adding one of these tools to your business strategy, your return will yield positive results!
Still have questions about Social Media? Our partners at Social Savvy Gals would love to help you with your online business strategy!
For more information about Social Media, please visit Monika & Julie at  www.socialsavvygals.com.
See you online!
Diamond Dolls Women’s Networking Group 

 604 999 6177 


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