10 mistakes to avoid when you throw a surprise party: Part 2

by Rebecca Aftergood, Surprise Me! Events



Recently I posted Part 1 of a 2-part list on mistakes to avoid when throwing a surprise party. If you haven’t read it yet check it out here! Welcome to the second half of the list. I hope you find some useful tips below for your next event!


  1. Inviting people too early

You don’t want the surprisee to walk up to the door and hear a party going on. If your guests arrive too early and there is alcohol flowing you run the risk of things getting out of hand before the guest of honour arrives. The perfect timing is difficult to achieve, but if you have your guests arrive no more than 30 minutes before the surprisee, they will (likely) not have enough time to get rowdy!


  1. Not having a deadline for arrival

Similarly, don’t let your guests arrive too late! Just as a loud party will ruin the surprise, so will your surprisee arriving at the same time as an “unscheduled” visit from a friend. Make sure your guests know when they absolutely have to be there by. Also, tell them that if they’re late they must stay outside and out of site until you give them the green light to come in (after the surprise has been sprung.)


  1. Keeping party decorations and food at work

Don’t keep any party stuff in the house. That includes decorations, drinks and food. This one can be difficult. Decorations and drinks can be purchased weeks in advance and kept at work, or a friend or family member’s house. But food is another story. If possible, try to buy it on the day of the party while the surprisee is out. Otherwise, find a friend or family member who can take it and bring it over early, before the guests arrive.


  1. Not informing the surprisee’s boss a week or two in advance

Unfortunately, sometimes people have to work late! Nothing is more frustrating than trying to convince your loved one that they must leave work NOW, for no particular reason. Or that they can’t work a late shift “just because”. If you feel comfortable speaking with their boss, and think that he or she could keep the secret, call them in advance. It will stop them from asking your surprisee to work late or get them to encourage your surprisee to go home at a certain time.


  1. Being inconsistent

Although this list is in no particular order, being consistent is the most important piece of advice I can give you. Only you know what consistency means. If you forget your loved one’s birthday every year, don’t bring it up this year. If you always make a big deal about it, don’t pretend like nothing is happening (despite the hinting rule. Ultimately, consistency is the most important).  If you enlist their best friend for your “day-of” fiction and you are not particularly fond of that person, don’t start pretending like you love them. This is the most important rule: act normally!


Thanks for reading my list! If you found it useful or have any other suggestions please leave a comment below! Have you had a surprise go terribly wrong, or amazingly well? Please share stories below! And as always, connect with me on social media at FacebookTwitter, Linked In, Google+ and Pinterest!


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