Weekend Warrior Tips for Women in Business

by Monika Blichar

Being a Weekend Warrior is more than just finishing off the business duties for the week; paper work, filing, making calls and creating plans are all a part of being in business. More than just meeting business needs, a Weekend Warrior is someone who utilizes every opportunity to create momentum, awareness, sales and results for their business. Here are my top 5 tips to being a Weekend Warrior!
by Monika Blichar
1-Maintain a Sleep Schedule
If you are used to getting up at 6:00 am, getting exercise and then going to the office, try to maintain the same schedule during the weekend. Keeping your sleep habits the same during the weekend will leave you feeling refreshed, rested and keep your routine steady.
2-Get Social 
The weekend is a great time to get out and attend new events, connect with friends and take in some leisure time. As you are out and about, be sure you have your business card too! Meeting new people in different places than usual will help your company grow while you are out having fun!
3-Make New Connections
If you are getting social and you have made a connection during a weekend outing, be sure  you follow up with your new connection. Send an email on Monday, follow up with a call and try to book an appointment with your new connection right away. Going for a coffee or having a meeting promptly will allow you to introduce your business to your new connection and can lead to cross promotions, collaborations and new clients quickly.
4-Relax and Reflect 
Taking time to relax and reflect on your week is crucial during the weekend. Be sure you take time to go for a walk, take the dog for a walk, connect with your partner or be with your kids. Relaxing often also leads to self reflection and can help you grow your business so that it is more efficient. Some good questions to ponder while sitting in the sauna or taking a walk are:
Did you do everything on your weekly goals list?
Did you make time for a work life balance?
How clear were you with your intentions for your business?
Did you follow up on prospects from last week?
5-Organize the Week Ahead
The last tip to being a fabulous Weekend Warrior is to take time on Sunday evening and organize the week ahead. Staying organized as an entrepreneur is critical to success and making time the night before a busy week to set goals, pack lunches, or reviewing marketing campaigns or high priority projects is extremely beneficial to the vitality of your business growth and success but will also leave you feeling empowered as you start another week full of opportunity!
Happy Weekend Dolls!
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