Top 10 TIPS to have fun with Marketing!

by Monika Blichar


As a business owner and creative entrepreneur, one of my favorite things to do is marketing!  I never thought that would be the case, but turns out, I find it really interesting! From playing around on Instagram to finding ways to launch contests online or promoting services and products in a meaningful way, what I’ve learned over the last four years in marketing my five brands is that if you aren’t having fun with your marketing, your business suffers. The last thing anyone of us wants is to loose followers, fans and worst of all, loyal or new customers!

To avoid loosing interest in your on and offline marketing strategies, I’ve compiled my top ten tips to help you generate more leads, grow your network, and most importantly, to have fun building your brand! Have a look, print them up on your wall, and if you like, contact me after implementing some or all of these and let me know how it worked for your business!



Are you being active with marketing? The key is to be consistent with all your on and offline tools. Posting on social media consistently or taking advantage of community boards in your area will increase your visibility and will allow you to constantly be in front of potential customers. Being active in marketing shows that you are enthusiastic about your service or product, that you are eager to help customers and that you are committed to your brand.



One of the greatest advantages of living in our society is that we have numerous tools right at our fingertips. Find the right social media site for you and your business and get out there! My favorites are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube. I’ve recently discovered Hootsuite and it has been an amazing tool to help manage my social media! Try it out if you haven’t yet!



I love getting a call from a visit to a boutique or a follow up email or card in the mail. It shows me that the business that I was engaging with is serious about wanting my business and that they follow through with following up to ask how my experience was, what they could do better, or if I am interested in working with them. How do you follow up with your client base? If you are still too fearful to call your potential or returning clients directly, some neat tools are autoresponders via mailing lists such as Constant Contact or your online booking system!



We all love FREEBIES! What can you do as a giveaway for your clients? Have a look for cool contests and find one that you can create! Everyone loves a freebie and if you make it engaging and interactive, your audience will naturally share it. My recent favorite was Justin Timberlake’s call for love story entries which were put into his “Not A Bad Story” video online. Check it out #notabadlovestory



We are all super busy and therefore, it is super important to use other forms of media to get your message out. Try quotes, images, pics of your day, your shop or product! Be sure to try a video and launch it on Youtube as well as try doing a podcast! Most of our laptops and cameras are able to take videos or record our voice, play around and have fun!



When I was younger, I was often scolded for being a “Social Butterfly”. Today, it is exactly those skills that have helped me grow and succeed! Try talking to one new person every day about your business. Strike up a conversation at the grocery store line up, call that supplier that you have wanted to work with for years, or make contact with companies that you want a relationship with. Being social is a huge key to success in any business!



Once you have made contact, be sure you try to book a meeting in person! Invite your contact to your office or your upcoming event. We are creatures who live behind our computers in a technological era, but be sure to engage in face to face interaction with customers and partners. There is nothing like a human contact and as much as we love being behind our computers, we also thrive when we are surrounded by wonderful people. Be that wonderful person to your customers and they will want to come visit you, drop by, support your business and refer others to you!



I love clever campaigns in marketing! Being clever, witty, surprising or shocking can and does increase your visibility. It also shows your fans that you can have fun, laugh and bring good vibes to others while doing business! Let’s face it, selling can be tough, but if you engage with your customers in a clever way, they will appreciate it and think of you the next time they need something in your industry!



Being up to speed with marketing is huge! Be sure you take time to stay current with what’s happening in marketing especially in your industry. Try watching your favorite brands and see what they are doing for marketing. Are they implementing new social media tools, collaborating with trendy partners or starting new trends themselves? The more current you are, the more your business will capitalize on being up to speed! Now, that’s hot! (Paris Hilton anyone? Anyone?)



Last, take time to educate yourself on marketing. The worst thing you can do is to peak out and burn out with trying to sell, promote or marketing your business. Take a class, join a meetup, listen to some podcasts and learn what other people are doing. We are in fact, always learning and if you make a point to keep educating yourself about how to achieve success, you will be sure to do just that!


Liked my tips? Send me a message and let me know! Have something you’d like to contribute to our blog? Be sure to contact us and submit your articles to



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