Top 5 Mistakes Made When Networking

Top 5 Mistakes Made When Networking 
Have you socialized or networked for your business growth this month and found that nothing has been happening? HOW you socialize could be the key to avoiding my top 5 mistakes made when networking!
by Monika Blichar
1-We Talk too Much! 
What? Talking too much? Impossible! 
Talking too much to brand new connections can cause new contacts to be overwhelmed by all the information you are giving them. Try to make a point of always asking the new contact about their business and listening before you talk too much about yourself or your business.
2-Are you really listening?
Of course I am!
Meeting new connections at functions, galas, festivals or networking events is a huge opportunity to broaden your network and gain visibility. The worst thing you can do at an event or function is to pretend to be interested in what your new connections are saying. Be sure to make eye contact, listen to the person who is speaking at a presentation, and avoid being disruptive by chatting with neighbors or being noisy while ruffling papers around. Think of how you would like to be treated when you are speaking of your business or project and be sure to give your speaker or new contact that same respect.
3-Follow UP! 
Have I made a follow up call or email? 

A huge part of networking is the call back. If you aren’t doing it, you better start! Following up with your new connections by adding them to your social media, sending an email or good old calling to touch base shows that you are committed to your business and to potential projects, partnerships and business.

4-Connecting your Networks
You mean I have to connect my connections?
One of the reasons as to why certain people are successful in their businesses is that they take time to find solutions for their network. Do you know a Sally in your network who needs to meet Tom who can help her with her renovation project or a David who needs Tamara’s help planning his wedding? Don’t be afraid to connect people to those in your network. Connecting people is the best way to help those around you and to be known as the go to person for problem solving! Using this strategy not only shows you are looking out for your clients by offering them trustworthy referrals, but also shows that you listen when they need a product, service or are looking for something specific.
5-Think Outside the BOX! 
Think big!
The best thing that you can do when networking is to think outside the box. The purpose of meeting new people, learning new concepts and attending new events is to enhance our business and our overall success professionally and personally! Think outside the box when you meet new people or are introduced to new ideas!
Wherever you are in business, avoid making networking faux pas and start to really pay attention to your network to grow and succeed!
If you would like to connect with me about your business, please don’t be shy! I love to connect with you and learn about how I can help your business grow!
Have a social week!
Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday night!
Monika Blichar
Founder, Diamond Dolls Women’s Networking Group 



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